King's Speakers Club

Find your voice!

King's College London, London, United kingdom

What we offer

King’s Speakers Club is a society at King’s College London that offers a means to practice and improve your public speaking using a unique format. 

Due to the pandemic, all our events for 2020 will be conducted online. For more details, feel free to use the social media buttons below. If you would like to become a member of King’s Speakers Club, please purchase our free membership using the “Become a Member” button above.

We are always welcoming new members. We look forward to your presence in our activities and events.

Please look at our About page for details about the committee; Events & Activities Page for details on what we’re up to, and how you can join us; FAQ page for more questions and Contact page to, well, contact us.


Why Join King's Speakers Club?

Personal Evaluation

All our members will be provided feedback on their speeches and talks by other members of the club. Such diverse and detailed feedback will be useful in honing your skills and improving your confidence.

Friendly Audience

When you're ready to embrace the skill of public speaking, you need an audience to listen to you. That's where King's Speakers comes in. Every member actively listens to your talk, and we expect the same from you.

Networking Opportunity

As a member of King's Speakers Club, you can meet members from different academic and cultural backgrounds thereby essentially helping you expand and build your network.

Non-judgemental environment

We recognise that nobody is inherently better at public speaking, we're all at different levels of practise. You will be encouraged and supported by other members, and are expected to do the same.

Collaboration with prominent clubs

To further liven up the events, we are partnering with clubs and societies such as LSE Oratory Union, Imperial Speakers and LBS Toastmasters.

Fun Social Events

We're not all about learning because all work and no play makes us dull. That's why every now and then we have exciting stuff like quizzes, movie nights, game nights and much more.

Competitions and Certificates

What better way to demonstrate your acquired skills than with a certificate holding your name? Our members can participate in a wide variety of competitions at different levels.